The school encourages students to initiate and sustain interest groups and clubs and supports them through teacher involvement. The varied clubs and initiatives are as follows -

Literary Club

The Literary Club aims to inculcate effective literary and speaking skills in students by grooming them to participate in debates, role play, drama, oration and more.

Heritage Club

Students are encouraged to learn and appreciate the varied and rich culture surrounding them.

Eco Club

The Eco Club undertakes various social and community programmes to help students integrate with society and become contributing social citizens. Water conservation, effective waste management, tree planting, sanitation awareness are some of the causes undertaken by the students.

Health and Wellness Club

Wellness, Fitness, Healthy eating and overall holistic living are encouraged by imparting the necessary knowledge and training to students.

Integrity Club

Honest and responsible citizens contribute to the growth of the community and country. Students participate in workshops and activities which develop core integrity values.